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Did you know

Ween is the greatest band ever. Not Pink Floyd, not Led Zeppelin, not The Beatles. It's WEEN. All hail Boognish.

Did you know

Trailer Park Boys is the greatest show ever. Not The Simpsons, not Futurama, not South Park. It's TRAILER PARK BOYS.

Did you know

CDs are the greatest music format ever. Not MP3 files, not cassettes, not vinyl. It's CDs.

And lastly, did you know

The Fender Squier Jazz Bass is the greatest instrument of all time. Not the Gibson Les Paul, not the Hohner Special 20 harmonica, not the flute. It's the FENDER SQUIER JAZZ BASS.

Thank you all for wasting your time on reading these stupid paragraphs I made out of boredom.

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