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My Simple Rockets 2 Account

About me...

  • I’m French
  • I speak French
  • I currently live in the US (after living in California for quite a while, I'm now in Missouri... 45 minutes away from the Jundroo office :-) )
  • I mostly play on Windows
  • I mostly build fictional planes, helicopters, ground crafts, and boats and I try to add as many custom things as I can make (i.e. custom cockpit, custom landing gears, custom wings, custom weapons, and etc...)
  • I make map mods
  • That’s kind of it to be honest...

Membre de la "Communauté Francophone de SimplePlanes" (CFSP)
Member of the "Communauté Francophone de SimplePlanes" (CFSP)

My friends:

-@BlackhattAircrafts = I know him in real life, and he is one of the people who presented Simple Planes to me.
-@Bronanna = He is the second person who presented simple planes to me, and I know him as well in person.
-@Rodrigo110 = He makes awesome planes. I've been helping him with XML modding because he is an IOS user, and he builds incredible stuff, especially for an IOS user.
-@Strikefighter04 = He is the leader of SimpleLandia, and SimpleLanida and Maelstrom have been working alongside. Strikefighter is also nice and has helped me with some builds.
-You = If you want to be my friend.

Previously known as ViridiCinis, Viridi