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just another fool uploading crap here, i have experience with VTOL's and high performance fighters, but i suck if we talk about making cockpit interiors.

if you want something you can contact me here:

Discord: venuslancer / Venus_Lancer#4019
VK: venuslancer
IG: Vns2027

Works that im working / Planing to make

Silvestar VF-44: finish the last details that i left to make, like some switches and controls to being fully VR Capable (i guess)

A new Submarine: the only sub i made was created around 4 years ago, and is completely outdated, my plan is to make a new one but without the TiltRotors

A new Tank (Maybe)

Oni Corporation's VIF-15 Nebula Remake: The VIF-15 was a Advanced fighter that i made in ysflight a long ago, is practically a Su-47 Airframe with F-35B engines, and a oversized LiftFan, also had a Variable Sweep Wing that changes in 3 positions to maintain high manuevability, and eliminate the Vibrations over Mach 1

VIF-8 Pandora: the one i made before looks horrible compared the one that i made in blender, so i want to re-create it from scratch

Zhuarev Z-9 Raham: another model made by me, is a heavy, all weather Multirole Fighter, something like the Mig-31 and the Lightning

B-2 Spirit

F-5E Tigre III Plus: i want to complete it before got out of service (that may be in 2024)

Delta Sword 2024: the Delta Sword is a fighter line that i release almost every year, and i want to make the next one as a stealth fighter, maybe a J-20 based one

Fiat Uno: before the comunity dies and i leave i want to complete this car, for personal reasons

That's All

Previously known as ZHUAREVONI