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profound rare username collector.
i own three single character usernames!

original SPVR alpha tester.
original SR2 mobile beta tester.
Simpleplanes part count record holder
Site curator

Status: active


Bronze: ???

Silver: roughly 7/8/16

Gold: roughly 6/23/18

10k: 7/8/20

15k: 4/25/22

20k: 5/5/22

Platinum: 5/7/22 

 Jade (curator): 11/18/21 

 Almadine: someday

 Grandidierite: will never happen.

 Tanzanite: doesnt exist, but a purple rank would be cool.

official SPVR curator, i curate crafts that work in VR, i dont mind if you ask to have your build curated, as i will give feedback and suggestions. if i dont find it worthy, you can make an updated version, and if you get it right, can be curated.
repeatedly asking (pestering, harrasing, overall being annoying about it, etc) to have your craft curated will drastically reduce the chance of it being curated.

also, I am not a moderator!
i cannot perform most moderation actions. if you need a moderator, please check the mod section of the user list.

currently active projects:

My alt: V2 (dead account)

Reddit username: FLOWRIDER0_0

Roblox account if your interested: FLOWRIDER0
(if you friend me, please tell me, as i would otherwise decline it)

Discord user: FLOWRIDER0#0314
(if you friend me, please tell me, as i would otherwise decline it)

Friend list:
ProvingMars (left)
LowDetail (left)

Heya! Im a lazy person that does college level science for fun. I got started on this game when i was looking for a good flight simulator on amazon underground, and when i saw this i thought "a game where i can build my own aircraft and fly them!? Awesome!" And i downloaded it. Then the rest was history

Now for fictional company stuff

I am the ceo of a fictional company called Amtek, why am i saying this? Isnt this obvious? Well i do want some space between the banner and the image links and i dont want it to be blank... So yea

Below are clickable images of each generation of aircraft

Now for random stuff i have on my phone related to aviation

L e m o n

Psst, hey, want to know how to make your image clickable? Do something like this:

[ ![](Imagelink.png)](https://webpagelink)
Keep in mind that the webpage link HAS to have 
https:// before it to work!

Dog tax

Rest in peace ginger, ??? - 2020

Permanently changed username to V

(just sticking this here so the MCO admins know its really me when they check my application)

My username was originally FLOWRIDER0, like the rest of my accounts, but then I changed it to robloxweponco during the time you only get a single username change. Now, since you can change your username every 30 days, it's something much less childish.

Previously known as robloxweponco, FLOWRIDER0, V, FLOWRIDER0, Fungus, FLOWRIDER0, Fungus, V, Vmini, V, 3, V, V, 7