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I'm trying out a little username for a while.

Behold. The Long Yoshi Neck

Nothing is done without being done


The world is a stage. And the stage is a world of entertainment


(from Hazbin Hotel)
Yes. I love myself a good Alastor picture to... Um... Lighten the mood? Yes. Yes. I do love a good Alastor picture to lighten the mood.

<Porg Song Intensifies>

Now. A Porg.

Fighters, Russia, and Porgs are things I enjoy

My goals

Right now I just want silver. (Done October 7, 2019)

Now I want gold. (Done January 19, 2020)

Platinum is next on the agenda

Random Facts About Me

Favorite plane: B-1B Lancer
Favorite Movie: The Emperors' New Groove
Favorite Food: Pancakes
I'm Thirteen years old
I'm American

Porg Air Systems

We try to give quality, mobile-friendly aircraft to you via an Amazon Fire HD 10.

One fateful day, MrPorg137 though to himself. Hmmmm, I need an aircraft company. He though for around 20 minutes until he though of a name he liked:
Porg Air Systems.
His company is American and specializes in aircraft of all sorts along with some scientific spacecraft. Today, his company still thrives. My company still thrives.

My SimpleRockets Profile

Previously known as MrPorg137, SirPorg