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I have gud video of Boeing dreamlifter (The cat in my profile image is my cat )
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Imacat-Rest in peace

I have many old friends too im just too lazy to add them
__________Things i like/things bout me
I love Cessna's cessna is epic
Im a human living on earth
My favorite shows include (demon slayer bungo stray dogs x-files predator bones mad max)
My favorite car is miata im obsessed with miata
I love old televisions and old tech
Im part of humanity
I play doom half life simpleplanes(ur lookin at my page you moron) minecraft roblox wolfenstein enemy territory tf2 (soon) war thunder (soon) and more if you wanna know my usernames or gamertags ask me on any build/forum
I love pasta with Cajun and parmesan
Ask me anything anywhere
I dont use twitter discord or instagram (too much drama for me)
Me be like

Entitys ive seen
Entity 1 If you see him in a green military truck at night ....... Close your eyes he looks like a normal eastern European man mid 30s he will stare into your soul and you will hear a buzzing sound and his face will fly towards you in a glitchy way and if he stares at you ..... Run back to the helicopter FAST ITS TOO LATE ALREADY IF YOU HEAR THE BUZZING
entity 2 Not enough data yet
Entity 3 not enough data yet
Entity 4 not enough data yet
Entity 5 not enough data yet

Thats all for now also one thing i gotta say #Keepfightingmotherrussiaglorytoyou!
super nintendooo memes

UH60Blackkatt be like
My favorite songs include
Take on me
Slayer relepentless
Party all night till the cows come home

Previously known as Talon7192, Magnavox20MS233S