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I'm now a fictional plane maker, replica with concept livery maker.

Heyo i'm a guy, I'm a 19 y/o dude, currently drinking too much milk.🥛 I'm here just build and have fun with this game 😅 Also busy with irl because I'm an worker not a student anymore 🗿
Me interest with plen, car, and anime also an tokusatsu fan. Certified Otaku & weeb guy frfr. Everyone can use my plane and reposting it, but would be nice if it based on auto credit or tag me in comment, this will make me more noticed, hope understand 😉


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My server pls don't be F1 like them ....

I consider everyone as friends.
Cite rules : Be kind.
Unless there's something I hate, you will get block. Don't ever upload a forum post why I'm blocking you.
Cite rules : Blocking player is okay.

And Have a nice day there

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