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  • sea spider monster plugin 1.4 years ago

    "By far the fishiest spider on simpleplanes"

  • the watter i drank wiredd 5 months ago

    that's not water

  • We'll Miss You 7 months ago

    Im more concerned on your SP than the USS Beast XD, that lag is concerning me

  • Bruh stop hating on 0 point users who reupload with funky colors and engines everywhere 5 months ago

    As a player that seeks for Effort and good builds (if it was my creation) i usually find it a bit insulting seeing my already good performing builds getting weird stuff attached to it in a bad way, or just random stuff attached to it, worse still none of them even care to say my names which is quite an insult already, even if i do have another people build im usually just upgrading the performance of it such as increasing horsepower or fixing handling on cars

  • Goldfish Express 1.7 years ago

    "They Call It The Goldcracker Mail Service"

  • jar in a jar, in a jar, in a jar, in a jar, in a jar, in a jar 7 months ago

    @soldier289 it is empty but considering that there is jar in the jar suggest that it will be considered as "partially filled" with air and jar

    @Subnerdica i am a madlad :p

  • BH PXCV 8 months ago

    So basically an armed merchant ship? Nice, gotta fend off those somalian pirates

  • Game owners 9 months ago

    Jundro LLC, based in America, if you pay attention when downloading this game in play store, and this question proves that you didn't pay attention to the information given to you

  • COD-M® Helicopter 1.6 years ago

    Typical COD:M Player Be Like: *Feet To 4th Step Of Stair Which Is COD:M, Literally Skipping The Whole CoD Series In The First 3 Step Of Stair...

  • Mekava MBT mk2 10 days ago


  • I know a way to make a nuke 5 months ago

    Almost everyone knows it by now...

  • Duck 6 months ago

    Belugasub us watching you

  • Post-Apocalyptic Map Mod Update 6 months ago

    My brain refuses to tell me that this is in Simpleplanes, it looks really good

  • Bruh moment 6 months ago

    "cheap, thoughtless, confusing, piss poor interface"
    Aight, sounds like a typical karen kamander

  • PT-501 Jasmine 7 months ago

    can you actually get the Fjord mod for android?

  • Please add this on new SP android update one year ago

    All definitely need this, enpecially our poor IOS friend that can't get mods from outside world ("from here" to be exact)

  • Eb91-1 Ente one year ago

    fascinating... nice looking, im thinking how the engine breathe when the float retract

  • maywar for android 2 one year ago

    Because why do pc want maywar if they have maywar XD, ah yes stonks

  • M113 one year ago

    IT HAS MODS (noises of an android user rage in the background)

  • Well I am back! 1.4 years ago

    Infinite flight: realistic but the detail just... EURGH

    DCS World: your better than ever flying simulator

    Simpleplanes: Too realistic even for DCS World

  • Where's the ATC! 1.7 years ago

    Gud, Artificial Inteligence At It Finest

  • not scientifically possible 1.7 years ago

    "Thanos: Gone, Reduced To Atoms"

  • AI Boat Challenge (Closed) one month ago

    seems like something that i would enjoy doing and many of them

  • Type 07 AnShan one month ago

    Why this didn't have upvotes or even a comment, this is sad....

  • Friedrichshafen G. III Bomber ! 4 months ago

    Damn, this is amazing

  • Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf.K (Karl) 5 months ago

    @TirpitzWantsPlanes do you want an extra 200 parts just for a Vanilla Track?

  • "Ye Olde Pub" (B-17F "Flying Fortress") 5 months ago

    @WiiWiiTheMini oh i won't ignore that Predecessors name now that you mention it

    Ayy nice plane, and im interested to see how good the damaged one flies

  • not a car [TEASER] 5 months ago

    Well, car have wheels, plane also have those
    Some car have wings, plane also have those
    Some car have turbines, plane also have those
    Car have bodies, plane also have those
    So it is the same thing :p

  • Car Engine sounds needs a rework 5 months ago

    Indeed it needs to be changed, we need Custom Sounds

  • Blücher 5 months ago

    for the record to anyone that is confused
    He's AdmiralHipper99

  • The Aftermath 5 months ago

    @KennethKennethTheKenneth how could there be android version when putting the thing in the game gonna make every phone commit Improvised Explosive noises

    Also, its cool to see the destruction, the atmosphere is there and its nice looking

  • Goodbye 6 months ago

    I shall wave a goodbye to our fellow friend of car builders, thou shall not be forgotten and we wish you to come back sooner or later, until we meet eachother again, i say farewell to you (ships horn blowing in 2 short and 1 long burst)

  • Im pretty sure they just stole this from simpleplanes... 6 months ago

    @Typhoon03 i mean, who will not mistaken somebody as a dev for their polite conversation, there has to be a moment where you will definitely mistake someone as an important people

  • POV: You are in a confession room and now must confess the sins you have done in SP 7 months ago

    @UtsuhoReiuji oddly the same case for me

    Making the Jar in the Jar in the Jar in the Jar in the Jar in the Jar in the Jar, by far my most cursed build since it bends reality, i mean come on, how did you expect this to work irl

    Making a long comments, usually to people who says something that ticked me off, it can probably even get into r/hurtbywords since im just that good at hurting people trough words only (INJF or Advocates type stereotypes)

    Doing warcrimes such as making ships Above 35.000T (as per Washington Naval Treaty) or above 45.000T (as per London Naval Treaty), using 18-inch guns for my Battleship (as per London Naval Treaty), making an entirely new class of ship named Light Battlecruiser or Large Heavy Cruiser

    But then those things about my ships will actually not apply to my ships since they never invited me to the treaties anyway, so im technically speaking, are free to make ships of any sizes with no limits on anything, most of them have German technology in it making Germany have something to be proud of, afterall they were restricted, so we assume Germany were using Trislandia as their show of power and dominance, plus it also serve as a stopgap between not having ships and only making ships of certain sizes, so they built Trislandian ships, with excuse of "its not our ships"

  • I spent too long on this! [TEASER] 7 months ago

    You finally figured out the impossible

  • Dream 7 months ago

    Dream Dad Video: Like and Subscribe before Dream and George Breakup
    Me: ??????????

  • Tracks? 8 months ago

    Andrew: "you guys were on the same track, keep this up everybody"
    Us: "then add it into the game"

  • hMS Prince of Wales 8 months ago

    Damn that is cool, even though the underwater side is not close to the real thing but the on deck stuff is just magnificent detail

  • HMS Schooner - Pickle 8 months ago

    @Bobofboblandia yes
    Lag intensifies

  • G-17 “Viper”(UCBMA) 8 months ago

    @LuftwaffeAce262 your points number accepts it XD

  • Bruh what 8 months ago

    Nice, you have finished SP


  • clickbait 8 months ago

    Idk, im just tapping every forum that i see, just to check the inside

  • Bluben Terbang [Butter Challenge] 9 months ago

    @IDI margarin itu ada kayak rasanya sedangkan mentega itu tawar, ato ga ada rasanya, and u will be kicked from boris kitchen for bringing margarine

  • not a sphere, dont download. 11 months ago

    Yes i will, you cant stop me

  • Panzerkampf-wagon 11 months ago

    Phlophy Whoppy: " Goddamn It Hans You Did It Again..."

  • MaZeDa Rx7 one year ago

    An F40 that become an RX-7 Mindblowing, it looks really nice, i like it

  • My Fictional Country of New Zealand one year ago

    Woah you can't use real country

  • Wright UFO Plugin one year ago

    "UFO isn't friendly"

    Yeah sure, i come to them, I'll probably die because of missile

  • Some more images of the DARK FATE QUANTUM BOMB. one year ago

    @KrAkenAtomic hmm, great deal, you should also test the bomb effectiveness with the bunker i may or may not make later, like testing it from ground zero, 1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles, 15 miles, 20 miles and so on, this way you could approximate the radius of the bomb explosion based by the damage sustained by the bunkers, ground zero would be gone to oblivion im sure about it, or if you feeling confident you can put the bunkers 1 mile apart from each other

  • Super soaked but remade by me Oofsoda 1.2 years ago

    Oh no, changing @Randomusername build from electric to conventional is cursed