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I've got nothing important here on my biography. But, i like to write something that i like here, because that's the meaning of "Biography".
My first biography was disappear for unknown reason. When i take a look at my account, they're gone. So i decided to make a new one. Now, i forgot my account progress. Oh, well, that's not really important.


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Insecurity got me so bad, don't get any improvement. I'm still planning what am i gonna do next, leaving or staying. Life is getting hard, need to study for college.
And also, i'm using potato device to play SimplePlanes, playing this game on Low Setting kinda ridiculous. Maybe i'll get PC or Laptop later. I'll do my best for it!.
If anyone ever read this. Thank you so much for your contribution! And sorry if i did any mistakes to you.
Good bye! 👋😄
Sincerely, TwentyTwo.


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