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I am a 15-year-old from Tennessee, currently playing SP as a time-killer and idea realization setup. I am on mobile, so expect all uploads to be mobile-friendly. I am ADHD, so my upload schedule may be wacky at times. I appreciate kind-mannered comments. Please at least comment on things before downloading. Thank you! I would appreciate feedback for my designs. A bit about me: I like trains, Minecraft, motor racing (open- and closed-wheel), and of course, planes and other aircraft!

UPDATE: Just purchased the Steam version, expect modded builds soon-ish.
Bronze: July 5, 2022
Silver: July 15, 2022
Corporations: Whirlwind Motors. A car company with a penchant for naming vehicles after weather events.
Whirlwind Heavy Industries: A subset of WWM (Whirlwind Motors) that focuses on trucks, tanks, and other heavy-duty vehicles, both civilian and military.