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The Grigoriev design bureau was established in January 2016. It has created the following aircraft:

Gr-210* The first airplane created by the bureau. A simple twin-fuselage jet
Gr-211* Twin seat four engined turboprop powered ground-attack aircraft. Based on the Gr-210
Gr-212* Strategic airlifter
Gr-213* Single-engine biplane utility/agricultural aircraft. Based on the Antonov An-2
Gr-214-RF* Four-engined aerial refueling tanker
Gr-214-GA* Ground attack variant. Four-engined long range heavy bomber
Gr-214-AEW* AEW variant. Airborne early warning and control aircraft.
Gr-215* PAX variant of the Gr-214 and also the last in the series.

Personal: I call myself 'Tovarishch' Grigoriev. I'm 18 years old and live in the Netherlands. As you probably know by now, i'm a fan of Soviet Aircraft. 'Soviet' will always be on my mind when i'm building airplanes.