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I've literally memorized the link to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"


Talking Tree from Vietnam that's intolerant to people with chronic stupidity

A lot of War Thunder, not a lot of SP recently

Games I frequently play:
- War Thunder (Pain Simulator)
- CS:GO (Rage Simulator)
-SimplePlanes (how to make an hour fell like 10 minutes)
- People Playground (you can literally tear heads off of a person's body :D)

- Su-25 Frogfoot > A-10 Warthog
- (this one goes out to all the "donkeys" out there) shut your mouths and open your ears

I may take requests, but expect them to take quite a while, and I usually have no motivation to do anything that isn't related to The Soviet Union/Russia, and War Thunder is honestly funner (just keep that in mind).

Reached bronze: ???

Reached silver: ???

Reached gold: May 8, 2021 (Victory Day)

Reached platinum: haha funi joke

- (ask me, lol)

"In order to defeat your enemies, you must know the enemy and yourself"
- Sun Tzu ~ "The Art of War"

Previously known as Bobofboblandia, BobBobTheLandia, Tookan, iniMiiW