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Currently getting napalmed and teamkilled in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam while SKS trolling.


Hello there

The most you'll need to know is that I'm from Vietnam and I used to make pretty mediocre builds, as in don't really build much in SP anymore.

Random facts (about myself, as this is indeed my bio):

  • I had two great-uncles who fought in the Vietnam war, one for the ARVN and the other for the PAVN, both of whom survived the War.

  • I like things related to the Soviet Union/Russia (specifically weaponry and other military related things, in fact, I'm looking to purchase a Mosin in the near future).

  • As mentioned earlier here, I'm a new player to Rising Storm 2: Vietnam due to the game being free on Nov. 3, but I have some Red Orchestra 2 experience too so I'm not the worst of players (I hope). If you play RS2V, then it would be a pleasure to accidentally run into someone from the SP community mid-game.

Please don't ask me to speak Vietnamese, I've basically forgotten the entire language aside basic curses/curse words.

Note to self (SP MP Server):

Previously known as Bobofboblandia, BobBobTheLandia, Tookan, iniMiiW