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My Fictional Airline called BlueDog Airlines

Blue dog Airlines Was a Welsh company Founded in 1998 When Aviation Was in the CEO's Mind So He Decided to Make an Airline Called Blue Dog Airlines. In 2013 They Decided to Make There First plane The B-10 The B-10 Was a Propeller Airliner By Blue Dog was Able to Fly 1000 NM It Was only 50Ft in Length! The Biggest plane Blue Dog Still Operates That's Not Any planes Made By Blue Dog Is There A380-800 Blue Dog Has Evolved over The Few Years Making Air Travel Fun,Smooth and Enjoyable!
Blue Dog is A Really Cheap Airline With Lots of Luxury Inside With That Blue Dog Has Made Many Other Planes Like The J-600 And The K-50 And Many More!
As Blue Dog Expanded It Became More Luxury And Now They Are Focusing on Their Planes And Blue Dog Still Has A Long Way To Go. As Blue Dog is Getting Bigger More People Are Flying BlueDog. And BlueDog Has Many Other Companies Like BlueEat And BlueHotel With Many More!

Previously known as AirJMC, AirJMCAviation, ThomsonAirwaysFan