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Current Status: Semi-Active

Can access to my computer, but not really in the mood of building anything - at least not for myself.

Just a random young adult male with a random account tinkering around random designs and making random builds.

In spite of my relative inexperience (not in my SP-age, but in actual time spent building anything) with planes and the like, I do tinker around my builds a lot whenever I find the time, and I'll often roleplay as various (fictional) weapon companies in my builds. I also hold the notion of "functionality" and "immersion" sacrosanct: what use is a gun on a turret if you can't even aim it? Or if the turret traverse and elevation is controlled by the same input? My builds may suck or at least lack fancy decorations, but I'm sure as hell all my builds will perform whatever the functions they are supposed to - none of my designs are just for show.

My "Ten Commandments of SimplePlanes":

  1. Thou shalt not steal: If your build uses parts from someone else, give -bleep-ing credit.
  2. Thou shalt make thy designs functional: If your car can't drive or if your plane can't fly, -bleep- you.
  3. Thy design shalt not damage itself in normal flight: the XML editor is your friend, use it. If your propeller shears itself off when you're adjusting engine angle or if your plane blows up when you're supposed to be activating your weapons bay, revise your -bleep-ing design.
  4. Thou shalt not commit f*kery: Every part should be where it is logically located, not hidden in the hull fifty feet away from where it's supposed to be.
  5. Thy design shalt have logical internal structures: If the turbines are supposed to be there, the main weapons bay should not.
  6. Thou shalt make thy weapons functional: Weapons should always be functional and immersive to the setting when applicable. If the design is supposed to have a working gun there, put a -bleep-ing gun there.
  7. Thou shalt make thy turrets functional: If there's a turret, there should be working traverse and elevation controls. That means working manual controls, or properly coded auto-tracking turrets that can at least accurately hit targets when both your pitch and roll angles are zero.
  8. Thou shalt install sights for thy manual turrets: Turrets are supposed to be aimed. And if your design uses manual turrets, install a -bleep-ing gun sight. Given that cameras have built-in crosshairs following the recent updates, if you still refuse to install a gunsight for your turret, shame on you.
  9. Thou shalt explain the controls of thy design: If your plane has Activation Groups, uses VTOL slidebar, have gun/cannon-based thrusters, or if it have nonstandard uses of Pitch/Roll/Yaw/Throttle/Trim input, tell us.
  10. Thou shalt learn from others' designs: Learn how their designs are built, how their codes work, etc., and try to incorporate them into your next build.

My "Ten Oaths of SimplePlanes"

  1. I shalt never steal: If I use parts or coding from someone else, I will make sure that I properly credit both the creator and specific design that the parts or coding came from. All subsequent designs featuring the parts and/or coding will also credit both the creator and design until I have perfect understanding of the aforementioned part/coding and could replicate and/or modify the part/coding without resorting to referencing the original.
  2. I shalt make my designs functional: I will only upload my designs as public after extensive testing to endure that they could perform their intended function - if a plane drops like a throwing dart after increasing its wing sweep angle as it does in real life, something is definitely not working as intended.
  3. My designs shalt never damage itself in normal flight: Every design of mine will be tested rigorously to make sure it would not damage itself; clipping should also be minimized unless the part(s) in question is meant to represent "empty space", such as a dark-colored and non-reflective part meant to represent internal volume of a fuselage section or a gun barrel.
  4. I shalt never commit f*kery: Every part of mine will be where it's logically placed, not resized to kingdom come and hidden 50 feet away from where it's supposed to be. A wing is a wing and an engine is an engine - if it looks like there should be a wing somewhere on the design, a wing will be in that exact location and with its shape matching the design as closely as possible.
  5. My designs shalt have logical internal structures: If a section of the fuselage should be reserved for the intake ducts or the engine then the weapons bay will go somewhere else.
  6. I shalt make my weapons functional: If there's a gun on my design in-universe, it will be represented with a gun or cannon with matching rate of fire, damage output, and muzzle velocity, plus caliber when applicable; if there's a missile on the design in-universe, it will be represented with a missile of corresponding type and aesthetics.
  7. I shalt make my turrets functional: If there's a turret on my design in-universe, it will be capable of being aimed either automatically or manually with the corresponding weapons it carries (see oath No.6); auto-aiming turrets will be capable of tracking and hitting their intended targets beyond point-blank range.
  8. My manual turrets shalt have gun sights: If I have to aim my turret manually, I will make sure that I can actually see where I'm shooting. If the turret is auto-tracking, a gunsight or at least an indicator light telling whether the turret is successfully tracking the target would be installed if large parts of the turret's field of fire lies beyond the pilot's field of view.
  9. I shalt explain the controls of my design: If my plane uses activation groups, buttons, or the VTOL slidebar to perform any function, I will explain what they are; if the design have nonstandard uses of the standard controls (Pitch, Roll, Yaw, Trim, Throttle, and Landing Gears), I will also explain what those controls mean on this particular design.
  10. I shalt learn from others: If I see others making a good design that my (admittedly rather underpowered) devices could run, I will try to replicate the design with my own effort; if I see others making a good FT code that's simplistic yet functional, I will try to understand what each part of the code does and how it all comes together, so that I could make similar codes for my own design.

Fun Facts about Me:

  • I have the perk "idiot savant" on my character in the game "Real Life". (Yes, I'm an aspie; also yes, even I consider measles and polio to be shoddy ways to go)
  • I'm a major fan of Spefyjerbf, had followed him since May 2016 by bookmarking his profile page on my browser, a year before I had my account.

    • A large part of the reason why I'm here is because I want to learn his imagination and creativity.

  • Natural scavenger, often reverse-engineer others' codes and designs, and then hybridize and improve upon them.
  • Have a tendency to delete past builds en masse if I find them unsatisfactory.
  • Suck at arts.

    • Is it because I'm autistic? I don't know, nor do I give a ****.

  • Swears a lot.

    • Or should I use "sentence enhancers" to describe them?

  • The type of person who uses the Welch List as a guideline

    • To clarify, I consider the most practical solution the best one, and in video games, I'm the type to always try to fight overprepared.

  • Sometimes talks in an orcish accent when excited. Espeshuly when talkin' about all 'dose foine 'n' killy shootaz, rokkitz, krooze missilez, fighta-bommaz, 'eavy-bommaz, kroozerz, 'n' tingz loike dat! WAAAAGGGHHH!!!

    • Yeah, something like that. The thing is, I never played any tabletop or MMORPG!

  • Clumsy as hell.
  • Uses metric unit.