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  • Remembering SimpleWheels (Last Year's April Fools Joke) 5.7 years ago

    Damnit ;3; i cant have SW

  • BRONZE o-o 5.7 years ago

    @dosbrostacos XD thanks, didnt think i'll make it this far, next goal, silver XD

  • ARC-170 Republic Fighter 5.7 years ago

    Easy enough for a storm trooper

  • BRONZE o-o 5.7 years ago

    @viperGbyt thanks

  • Chinook v2.0 5.7 years ago


  • Boeing P-26 Peashooter 5.7 years ago

    @static I do to, also, good build

  • Ku.44 Reiver 5.7 years ago

    Coolest plane I've ever seen and flown, good use of what you have had

  • Excelsior 5.8 years ago

    A good make my thoughts: 'MY GOD IT FLOATS!' but @idm100 is right, it needs a bit better of a vertical thrust

  • Snowspeeder 5.8 years ago

    I request XML modding on the fuel tanks on this snowspeeder but one of the best flying ANYTHING on this game... However landing is a problem

  • MQ-9 Reaper 2 VTOL edition 5.9 years ago

    ok 60 points this wont get featured but I hope loads of people down load this at time of post we had 30 downloads @iFalco @bobthetitain

  • Personal VTOL(Mobile Friendly) 5.9 years ago

    Makes a bigger boom then normal but good make bro

  • MQ-9 Reaper 2 VTOL edition 5.9 years ago

    @bobthetitan I managed to make it stable enough to fly straight if you put the rear VTOL engines pointing down then the front max for speed it works for me as a pretty stable drone I also added it to weazlezone if that's ok with you

  • MQ-9 Reaper 2 VTOL edition 5.9 years ago

    @bobthetitan hey dude thanks for the upvote that means a lot to me

  • Mobile Beta 5.9 years ago

    @AndrewGarrison thanks Andy for the info cant wait to add guns to some creations also in the next beta can you add data compression for mobile devices which stores some data on the device to allow for some of the bigger planes/boats ect?

  • Mobile Beta 5.9 years ago

    When is it gona get released?

  • JShay November 12 wings orange mk II? 5.9 years ago

    I AM NOT stealing others designs FYI

  • Gladius 5.9 years ago

    We just need a talli and a connie then SC FTW :D

  • Origin 325A 5.9 years ago

    Also I can't fly this ;-; I'm on ios

  • Origin 325A 5.9 years ago

    I love SC have you seen King kongor play SC

  • Delcom Drakontos 5.9 years ago

    Just made my edited version more speed (with VTOL) nozzles (warning may cause crash if you crash into water too hard

  • R-313-B03 by Drakontos edited by thgamer2013 5.9 years ago

    @drakontos hey I just made this from yours I hope you like it

  • Poe Dameron's X-Wing 5.9 years ago

    Guessing we should add space or something, and parts to make space ships better to fly in the higher altitude :/


  • Bell Boeing CV-22 Osprey 5.9 years ago

    Doesn't look to bad trying it out now LOOKS GOOD M8 \(^o^)/