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Hi, and welcome to Gopnik Industries, my name is Slav.
We produce some of the finest aircrafts avaliable, like the Blyat series. All of our aircrafts is free to use. The Blyat series are the most agile, fast, and well armed. If someone want to work with us, just follow us. If any feel incomodated with our planes or their names, JUST LEAVE US WITH OUR BUSINESS AND GET THE HELL OUT. Sorry for the suddently burst of rage. But feel free to like our models. Thank you, and welcome.
I'm the proud fundator and CEO of the Ink's Research & Development team. Our arsenal isn't high tech but, our weapons can pack a punch in any target.
Our most recent creation is the Stronhelm combat walkers, which are fast and well armed

Previously known as TheBlyatful1941