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Hi I'm TheWhistlingDeath, (I was raised by a flock of birds so thats why I like flight) please check out some of my plane and try out my challenges and don't be afraid to comment any suggestions. a few cool players to check out if you are new
are Awsomur, pavthepilot ,SpiritusRaptor, Carsong1017, DarthAbhinav, FastDan and Helicopterboy

link to my brothers account

Statis is INACTIVE

its better to fly badly than to fall well

do what you can until you can't then do the next best thing -chuck yeager

a nose heavy plane flies poorly a tail heavy plane flies once

age: nonya beeswax

gender: male

device: 2011 mac book air

here is a article about WWII history that i think you will like click

1. get to gold
2. get 25 upvotes on a build
3. get 200 downloads on a build
4. have 25 followers (done!) thank you guys so much! :D
5. get one of my builds featured

favorite movies

Top Gun

Red Tails

Raiders of the lost ark

books that I'm reading

Never Call Me A Hero
by Jack "dusty" Kliess