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When that one quiet kid yells out I WANT CHEESEBURGERS!!! The teacher: Detention for you! The other kids claps. I'm (not) that kid

My fictional country: Capnavia, there flag: The Russian flag but with blue on the top and bottom and black in the middle. Facts about Capnavia: population: 4,000,000 (army not included), soldiers: 300,000, Armored vehicles (hummves, transports, etc) 2,000, tanks: 300, fighters: 500, bombers: 130, destroyers: 4, corvettes: 15, battleships: 1. Status: peaceful. (The CAPN in the navy means Capnavian navy. The CAP being the first three letters in the name of the country) Cities: Blueport, Charlestown, Capnav, Gutville, (yes it is weird) Vee Island. Capital: Kursk. Bases: Kursk Army Base, Blue Airbase, Vee Naval Base.

for more facts about Capnavia.