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This account is currently shared by ViridiCinis, Bman01, and BlackhattAircraft. We will each sign each post/comment by the author’s real account.

I promise that everyone of us who share this account shall abide to SP rules and alt. account rules, and preferably will also sign their comments made on this account with their real accounts. If there is any issue related to the account and you don't know who to contact, you should probably reach out to me or another trusted member (such as Bman01). All users I let here are trusted, but I mean users YOU trust.

Hi i’m Bman01 writing this part!RP is great and it’s an honor to work with everyone on this amazing project(no relaria won’t be abandoned)more about me is i’m An American who has too much spare time so i’m can play SP more
^I envy him for having spare time ;-) (ViridiCinis)

Name - ViridiCinis with help from Bman01
Flag Design - ViridiCinis with significant help from Bman01

Is it me or it feels like a paper you shared with the classroom here-Bman01