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Your typical online avgeek.
I started playing SP about a year before creating this account.
I mostly make military/experimental stuff. Most of it is borrowed from existing designs. I don't make replicas.
I use a joystick, which affects how I design my aircraft.

I try to help people when I can. Feel free to ask me for help/advice :)

You're more than welcome to upload a modified version of one of my builds, just please make some worthwhile changes to it.

Multiplayer servers:


Some of my forums that you may find useful:
Thermals/Air Convection In Simpleplanes
The Basics Of Creating Digital Flight Displays Using Text Labels
Funky Trees - IF Statements Explained:
Multiplayer "Party Tricks":

Helpful Resources:
Text Label Formatting Guide
Website Markdown Formatting Guide
XML Properties List
Wikipedia Article Regarding Wing Configurations
Funky Trees Guide
SimplePlanes Airfoil Characteristics

Latest Post:

You're still here eh?

I'm a lot less active in the community now, and for the time being I'm not actively working on anything. I'm shifting focus towards 3D Modeling/CAD (maybe even small-scale aircraft design in the future?), as well as some other games. I still, however, maintain a deep passion for aviation.
I decided not to make a post about it because it's generally frowned upon, and most people don't really care anyways. I don't know if/when I'll return to SimplePlanes projects.

Anyways, that's about it. Y'all take care.