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Please Stop referring to me as Furry, I know I may be one BUT, I have a name you know so STOP. on with my bio.
hello i am a weird person,i can be really sensitive about things to the point i feel really sad. i like planes, I am the proud founder of Clevic Aviation and Space Corp. and My YouTube channel is here

hmmm, i am a very lonely person. i build stuff that no one likes
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My favorite plane is the Consolidate PBY-5a catalina
my favorite car is the Charger
favorite color is navy
favorite computer language is JavaScript
I am also a professional skier from Oregon, born in Reno Nevada, my highest speed skiing is 47 mph for now
that’s about all i can say oh, join my discord server


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and yes i found out how to make clickable pictures.

Made it to 10K on May 24 Tuesday 2018 11:14 PM?

? Soy un k9 esponjoso ?