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  • New Website Feature 3.0 years ago

    Huh. I think I remember making this suggestion. Nice to see a dev team listening to their community.

  • v1.8 is now live! 1.8 years ago

    simpleplanes has evolved

  • High voltage pylons 2.8 years ago

    @typeZERO Because I wanted to change things up a bit. Nobody else on simpleplanes has made a pylon, as far as I know. So, I went ahead and decided nto set a record, I guess. It definitely gave me a challenge!

  • How to make Legs for Walking mechas 4.2 years ago

    Looks like we have a new mech builder!

  • GOOD NEWS! 2.4 years ago

    (x2)NVida Geforce 1080TI 8GB, 32GB of DRAM, Intel i7-8700 @3.20 GHZ, shall i continue? lmao

  • Venom-Tech Custom Prerunner 2.8 years ago


  • Suspension help. 2.8 years ago

    I see a flaw.
    You need independant suspension for that, so it can flex more to compensate for the G's. Some of my builds have independant suspension, don't be afraid to swipe a suspension system off of one. Just don't forget about credit (:

  • Well guys... 2.8 years ago

    Looks like i just found something to put in a future list of mine. Thanks guys for the proven strategy. lol

  • SimpleLines 2.8 years ago

    What a great comment section, but please, nohm more

  • RANT- I Hate Masterchat 3.0 years ago

    People still make these posts? I guess i'll return when the drama dies down.
    Who f**king cares? There are dozens of simple planes discord groups. Might aswell fire shots at them, right? The chat has requirements: You need skill. They don't want bad builders to try to give advice. They have mastered plane building. What a shame that people are blinded by their stupidity. This group isn't doing any harm. The only ones being pissy are the haters.

  • T301 Titan 3.3 years ago

    I feel like you don't get enough recognition for your amazing builds.

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 3.3 years ago

    @503rdAirborneSoldier At the time it was very advanced compared to other builds

  • Looking for a good rock crawler? 3.7 years ago

    @helilover03 Alright! whatcha looking for? A dune buggy? rock crawler?

  • Bucket wheel excavator 4.1 years ago

    @VernalTie513 Could you link me to it?

  • "Kei" Tipper Truck 4.2 years ago

    .. those wheels are tiny. Definitely from Japan...

  • GOOD NEWS! 2.4 years ago

    Ah well, i make mistakes. I never really remember the frame rate.

  • So simpleplanes freezes when i enter the designer. Any idea why and how to fix it? 2.4 years ago

    @Minecraftpoweer it freezes and then it just exits out of the designer

  • GOOD NEWS! 2.4 years ago

    But games like minecraft, beamng drive, spintires, World of tanks, World of war ships, etc, they never get under 200 FPS

  • GOOD NEWS! 2.4 years ago

    I know it's capped. @Minecraftpoweer

  • GOOD NEWS! 2.4 years ago


  • GOOD NEWS! 2.4 years ago

    @DerekSP if you want i can prove it :D

  • GOOD NEWS! 2.4 years ago

    @DerekSP Which one? Me coming back or my PC?

  • (Teaser) Elegance 2.8 years ago

    @plane918273645 That's because you're most likely in a highly populated area, where high voltage is too dangerous for people to be around. The one here is 138,000 volts, the ones you see are 10,000 volts. I bet that if you're on a highway and look closely, you can see one of these.

  • Excuse me..? 2.8 years ago

    @Tully2001 Hmm... I'm not sure. I didn't save it when it was finished, guess i gotta rebuild everything again. But thanks for letting me know.

  • What's the crappiest device you've played sp on? 2.8 years ago

    kindle fire 5 with a whopping 700 mb of ram, and a constant warning that I have low storage. Couldn't handle more than 100 parts, and was always laggy and crashing. now I have a slightly decent thing to run sp but it's still trash

  • The "Croak" method: How to turn the site against you! 2.8 years ago

    @Awsomur You're just seeing it wrong. You obviously did not read the disclaimer. This is actually just both a joke, and an example of what not to do on this website.

    I am not responsible for you having to slowdance with an angry moderator, having everyone hate your guts, or being banned. You follow these at your own risk! but i suggest you don't. Unless you wanna be drenched with Ban in a Can

  • The Unraveling 2.8 years ago

    cebby kalculator ebola

  • My best quality build? 2.8 years ago

    That looks SICK man! If ya ever need someone to do suspension, give me a tag.
    Also, tag me when it's finished!

  • FlightGear- what's it Like? 2.8 years ago

    GEeEEEeETT FLlaanNZ fOrRR mICneECraafTTT UNUCcCULTUUuerredd sWIINnezzss @RailfanEthan @ForeverPie @Mattangi

  • TEASER!! I'M BACK NOW!! 2.8 years ago

    LMFAO, Nice try demon. You're only making your case worse by not responding.

  • TEASER!! I'M BACK NOW!! 2.8 years ago

    LMFAO, Nice try demon. You're only making your case worse by not responding.

  • I have nobody.. 2.8 years ago

    @tiltglory WOW! You actualy blew me away with this. The rollcage-- It's just amazing. Maybe some day we can do a collab, I reckon it would be awesome.

  • Traktor MK6 2.8 years ago

    I quite enjoy this. Here's a jump start to your SP career, hope you go far in SP c;

  • PL-01 Felidae 2.8 years ago


  • About the SimpleLandian war 2.8 years ago

    @Awsomur SUS

    i feel voliated

    all this tine it was you
    sitcom oooo

  • I need to re-evaluate my sub assembly naming scheme... 2.8 years ago

    "susp system1"

    i need guidance

  • Why, hello death! How nice to see you! 2.8 years ago

    just don't play the knife game on a LiPo battery lol

  • About the SimpleLandian war 2.8 years ago

    mu daty owns sompleplains

  • About the SimpleLandian war 2.8 years ago

    or esle i repot

  • About the SimpleLandian war 2.8 years ago

    @Awsomur you exposed yeurselffl lolololoollolo givbe freh opvootz

  • The SimplePlanes Weekly, with Awsomur [17] 2.8 years ago

    "Welcome to Simpleplanes weekly, i'm your host, Killer Awsumur, and let's geeet roiighhttt INTO THE NEWS!"

  • Well guys... 2.8 years ago

    My condolences for your loss. I hope you get over it soon. @Wolfieboy1555

  • Well guys... 2.8 years ago

    @Strikefighter04 That's completely false.
    There is nobody watching us, we're all alone in this world. And I have proof of it. So, to be honest, you shouldn't spread those lies about a "God" who supposedly loves us, but lets people like me have a terrible life, and a school be shot up.

  • High voltage pylons 2.8 years ago

    @Mustang51 I'm not sure. I can't test it because it lags. Try re-connecting the connectors that attach to the insulator.

  • YOU WILL DIE 2.8 years ago

    what's the point of this

  • [PINNED] Markdown Formatting 2.8 years ago


  • (7K!) Wow! The support is amazing! 2.8 years ago

    @chancey21 Now you have 97!