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Welcome to my profile fellow SP player


Gold Reached (29/05/21)
100 Followers (31/06/21)
10,000 Points (16/07/21)

Pending builds:

Messerspit(player request)
S-70i A-5 Blackhawk
UH-1H Huey
AH-1F Cobra
M60 2000
M1A1 Abrams
AC-119K Stinger
MD-500 Defender
B-50 Superfortress

Builds on hold:

T-33 Shooting star and F-94 Starfire from @Dieloaf's P80 Shooting star

Boeing Model 299, XB-38, YB-40, PB-1G, and XT-34 Turboprop testbed from @Default4's B17

Status: Able to create planes

Basic xml

Change the FoV: //MainCamera>camera.set_fieldOfView x

Change the color: //CameraTarget>>Camera.backgroundColor 0.5,0.5,0.5,1

Glideslope finder: DebugExpression "(10252 + Latitude) / (675 - Altitude)"

Flaps: smooth(round(clamp01(-VTOL) * 2) / 2, 0.35)

Landing Gear Doors: -clamp01(ceil(smooth(clamp01(GearDown), 0.22)))+1

Landing Gear: clamp01((smooth(LandingGear, 1) -0.7) / 0)

Landing Gear hinges that allow the landing gear wheels to turn: clamp01((smooth(LandingGear, 1) - 0.000001) / 0)

Previously known as r1Username, r1r1theusername, 016Hiro, LeviTheCleaningFairy, TatsuTheCleaningFairy