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Welcome to Takicraft-Takswagen Informations site!

You want a realible and beautyful civillan car for yourself?
You are a real tuner but you can't find a good base for a project car?
You intrested in aviation and you need the perfect bird to feel the freedom?
You are looking for a new industrial partner, or you need a designer's help for your build?
You need some performance, and looking for high quality car parts?

Then you came to the right place!



Takicraft Corporation is a Hungarian Industrial group, which includes three companies: Takicraft, Takswagen, and Takitech. The goal of the company's is to make cheap and reliable aircrafts, cars, and car parts for civillians. Our engineers are co-operating with the goverment too, helping to develop military technologies.


CW military technologies (CWhat016)
Latte Raceing Technologies (LatteCoffee55)
Burnson Motors (Smasher)
Caesiciustech (CSP27/ former CaesiciusPlanes)
Testin industries (Testin123)
Rhombus Customs (Rhombus)
Metin Corporations (Turkie1)
Arrow Aftermarket (DOCHoliday)
Aero Automotive (ThatAircraftCompany)
Unis Motors (Spikerya)
Demonic Technics (DemonSniper8)


R-Series: our race specific aircrafts
S-series: mostly experimental aerobatic jets
T-series: our military specific developments
UM-series: The helicopters or gunships
ST-series: Military bombers or stealth jets
TX-series: The experimental military technologies which are mostly in the test phase.
D-series: mostly airliner or civillian aircrafts


our subsidiary witch is making cars. Here are all the TW products:

Boxy series: our hot hatches and compact cars
Maximus series: Sport sedans and premium vehicles
Sleeper series: sport wagons and family cars
Roadstar series: All variations of convertibles.
Revolution series: performance cars with powerful engines.
Landsman: SUV-s and Cross-overs
Venturis series: our high-end sportcars and luxury vehicles
Cuberunner series: Low-end economy sedans
Saturn series: the all terrain 4x4 pick-up trucks
Explorer series: 4x4 jeeps and off road vehicles
Liefer: Van-s and utility vehicles.
Behemoth series: Semi trucks and trailers
Arrow series: formula race cars and gokarts
Akina: JDM inspired sport vehicles.
Fireball series: classic and modern muscle cars with high power engines
Electrozza: electronic car conception
Magant: experimental compact three-wheeled cars.
Quark: Microcar conceptions
Myrone: premium sport and touring cars
Hussar GT: Top quality high-end supercar
Calico: Affordable modern sport car


premium racing autoparts, and complete engines.

And of course we have many replicas, and custom made vehicles too!


I gon'na rebuild some from older creations next project:

Boxy Rallycross

About the CEO, Mr. Taki:

...Im living in Hungary Near the Capital City, Budapest. Im a petrolhead, but i intrested in the aviation as well. My favorite car is (i have so many, but the #1 is the 67' Ford Mustang) and i like the Italian and the JDM cars too. Im a proud owner of a Honda Civic EP2. Lawnmower jokes intensifies
Me and the Airplanes:
When i was younger i wanted to be a Medic Helicopter pilot so my favorites are the helicopters and from them the HH-65 dolphin. And i always liked building models, so i found this game last year and i know Simple Planes is made for me!...

If you have any questions or suggestions let us know. We allways offer help if you need!
Takicraft. High quality, low price! Vagy magyarul:

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