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Welcome to Takicraft-Takswagen Informations site!

You want a reliable and beautiful civilian car for yourself?
You are a real tuner but you can't find a good base for a project car?
You interested in aviation and you need the perfect bird to feel the freedom?
You are looking for a new industrial partner, or you need a designer's help for your build?
You need some performance, and looking for high-quality car parts?

Then you came to the right place!



Takicraft Corporation is a Hungarian Industrial group, which includes three companies: Takicraft, Takswagen, and Takitech. The goal of the company is to make cheap and reliable aircraft, cars, and car parts for civilians. Our engineers are co-operating with the government too, helping to develop military technologies.


CW military technologies (CWhat016)
Latte Racing Technologies (LatteCoffee55)
Burnson Motors (Smasher)
Caesiciustech (CSP27/ former CaesiciusPlanes)
Testin industries (Testin123)
Rhombus Customs (Rhombus)
Metin Corporations (Turkie1)
Arrow Aftermarket (DOCHoliday)
Aero Automotive (ThatAircraftCompany)
Unis Motors (Spikerya)
Demonic Technics (DemonSniper8)


R-Series: our race-specific aircrafts
S-series: mostly experimental aerobatic jets
T-series: our military-specific developments
UM-series: The helicopters or gunships
ST-series: Military bombers or stealth jets
TX-series: The experimental military technologies which are mostly in the test phase.
D-series: mostly airliner or civilian aircrafts


our subsidiary which is making cars. Here are all the TW products:

Boxy series: our hot hatches and compact cars
Maximus series: Sport sedans and premium vehicles
Sleeper series: sport wagons and family cars
Roadstar series: All variations of convertibles.
Revolution series: performance cars with powerful engines.
Landsman: SUV-s and Cross-overs
Venturis series: our high-end sports cars and luxury vehicles
Cuberunner series: Low-end economy sedans
Saturn series: the all-terrain 4x4 pick-up trucks
Explorer series: 4x4 jeeps and off-road vehicles
Liefer: Van-s and utility vehicles.
Behemoth series: Semi-trucks and trailers
Arrow series: formula race cars and go-karts
Akina: JDM inspired sport vehicles.
Fireball series: classic and modern muscle cars with high power engines
Electrozza: electronic car conception
Magant: experimental compact three-wheeled cars.
Quark: Microcar conceptions
Myrone: premium sport and touring cars
Hussar GT: Top quality high-end supercar
Calico: Affordable modern sport car


premium racing autoparts, and complete engines.

And of course we have many replicas, and custom made vehicles too!


I gonna rebuild some from older creations. Next project:

Takswagen Venturis V12

About the CEO, Mr. Taki:

...I'm living in Hungary near the capital city, Budapest. I'm a petrolhead, but I interested in aviation as well. My favorite car is (i have so many, but my #1 is the 67' Ford Mustang) and I like the Italian and the JDM cars too. I'm a proud owner of a Honda Civic EP2. Lawnmower jokes intensifes
Me and the Airplanes:
When I was younger I wanted to be a Medic Helicopter pilot so my favorites are the helicopters and from them the HH-65 dolphin. And I always liked building models, so I instantly knew that this game is made for me!
Nowadays I'm less active on the site because university, but I post and build as much as I can

If you have any questions or suggestions let us know. We always offer help if you need it!
Takicraft. High quality, low price! Avagy a magyar szlogenünkl:

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