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Player Biography  

Welcome to our Biography

We are a passionate bunch of aviation enthusiast with a wide range of knowledge. We even run an aeronautics club with plans to use Simple planes & rockets to teach others the ways of this beautiful game.

Rather important info

Being the asexual bastards we are, our pronouns are they / them. We'll excuse anyone who mispronounces, however.

Status: College

FAC: Fearless Ace Corps

We make decent planes but we like to seek advice to any pros out there.


Aviation Movies:

Porco Rosso (number 1)
Midway, Sully, Planes

All-time plane:


Trans-sonic Commercial:

Boeing 747, MD11, DC10, A350-1000, A330-300.


Spitfire Mk IIb, A6m2, F4u a1, SBD 2 Dauntless, Boomerang, T-28 Trojan.

Good at

Real-life: Planespotting


Stol take off,

Without XML

Stol Passenger planes

With XML

Military planes that turn around 8 seconds.
OP weapons.

We also play...

Roblox: Fearthediamondback

War thunder: Fear_243


Rc plane Boing 747, and P51 both recently crashed.
Volleyball (Mid/ Left blocker, Wing Spiker, and part-time Setter).

Reached Bronze: Idk 2 years back
Reached Silver: 27/01/2021: P51
Reached Gold:
Reached Platinium?:

Since you've made it all the way here. Here are a few secrets:
So this is a somewhat a vent, but we actually build planes to escape reality, it's a rather calming game. Praise the musicians for making such an iconic background music.
All planes starting with the "W" desigantions are planes that came from a few good dreams aside from all the tramatic episodes we encounter (yes we have PTSD). Please be forgiving if we don't put a lot of efforts nto our builds.
Also, ever wondered why we are using we? Nah jokes, that's a secret we'll never tell anyone hahaha!

Thank you

Much love


Previously known as FearlessAce