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I am TWDDërSharkmarine, i come by many names, but Twisted, Shark, or Fishe is acceptable, i found many things interesting, even something that most people consider boring

General Biography

Country Of Origins: Indonesia
Spoken Language: Indonesia, English (mixed), German
Birthdate: 4th of September 2004

Random Fishe Quotes

"Uncertainties are terrifying"
- Myself, talking about the future

"Bf-109 K-4 is Love, Bf-109 K-4 is Life"
- Myself, being an absolute Wehraboo

"Don't be afraid to Do Something, be afraid on Not Being Able to Do Something"
- My advice to people who are afraid they aren't capable of doing something meaningful in life

- Most of my replies to interesting stuff

- Most of my replies to stuff requiring consideration

"well that can be taken out of context"
- Me everytime someone said something mildy Out Of Context

" :D "
- Me being Me

"i honestly wonder what is going on inside people's head"
- Myself, trying to figure out the thought process of humans

"i may not be the best, but i am the only one emotional support fishe"
- Myself, assuring people that i am imperfect, but also the only one that exist

"very interesting...."
- Myself, trying to be as polite as possible to the most cursed of things

"you know, technically speaking, SP Creations is a type of artform, what one people sees as a cursed abomination, the creator may see as artwork, and artwork in itself is subjective, every person have their own interpretation of what a build is supposed to be, and its up to the people making said creations to define what the creations convey, the limit of creativity is atleast Aleph-0, the lowest kind of infinite, what and how you build your creations is truly unique to your own...."

Tom Scott have a good video, on why you should do things anyways

This Video Have [Insert Viewers Amount]

What im referred to in Discord:
• Twisted (usually for casual talks)
• TWD (TwistedWarshipDude, my original name)
• Shark (refers to my profile picture being White-Tipped Reef Shark)
• Shork (nickname)
• Sharkmarine (Portmanteau of Shark and Submarine)
• Fishe (basically everyone that knows me for more than 3 month)
• Fbibishe (by Cerdd specifically)
• Messer Meister (given by a server for how much i know and talk about Bf-109's)
• Führer (for the fact that i have an RP country that is based off real life Germany)
• Selachii/Nekoselachii (latin name for sharks, Neko + Selachii ? Catshark)

This is TWD, See You Later, Baii, Menyaa~

Previously known as TrislandianAlliance, WarshipDude, WarshipWarshipTheDude, WarshipDude, TwistedWarshipDude