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Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is TwistedWarshipDude "The Sharkmarine", also known in Discord with the title of "TWDDërSharkmarine#9557" and welcome to my User Info, so uhh...., yes.... :D

Am Nekoselachii :D


If you don't know me, im quite a serious person when talking about some stuff, so i might not be the best to talk to, have quickly changing emotions (which im trying to fix), im also a Roleplayer on some servers, Realistic RP or Ace Combat RP, sure lets go :D,

I have quite the knowledge in terms of WW2 Technicalities, specifically on the Vessels (Limited to Germany and UK), and the Aircrafts (Limited to US, UK and Germany), i mostly dabble on German Vessels, Vehicles, and Aircrafts, as a note, this does not imply i know everything about German stuff, i only know specific ones (e.g, Bf-109 or Fw-190)

I always feels that my stuff is forever incomplete, the unfinished symphony that were impossible to finish, as long time is ticking, it will be incomplete

You can call me Twisted or Fishe, pretty much your choice to call me whatever as long its not a slander, which im pretty sure there will be atleast one such slander

The feeling of emptyness, as if ones is just an empty void of nothingness, friend have an end, they're just a figment of ones imagination, happiness and kindness is merely a facade to hide ones true self, a thing is fun while it lasted, after that, all is forgotten

Its Just A Burning Memory....

Don't worry about me, im fine :D
Even though im stuck in this void of emptiness, just keep remembering me that i exist, so that i don't dissappear completely in The Void :D

Social Media:

What im referred to in Discord:
• Twisted (usually serious or semi casual talk)
• TWD (TwistedWarshipDude, my original name
• Shark (refers to my profile picture being White-Tipped Reef Shark)
• Shork (me personally)
• Sharkmarine (Portmanteau of Shark and Submarine)
• Fishe (me personally)
• Fbibishe (by Cerdd specifically)
• Messer Meister (given by a server for how much i know and talk about Bf-109's)
• Führer (for the fact that i have an RP country that is based off real life Germany)
• Selachii/Nekoselachii (latin name for sharks, Neko + Selachii ? Catshark)

This is TWD, See You Later, Baii, Menyaa~


Previously known as TrislandianAlliance, WarshipDude, WarshipWarshipTheDude, WarshipDude, TwistedWarshipDude