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Dreams don't happen because of luck, they happen because you worked hard for it
-Supercraft888 (me!)

Hello! My name is Supercraft888, but you can just call me Super. I'm from Canada and I like planes, Transformers, tanks, Halo, and doggies.

I specialize in a variety of things from old WWI prop biplanes, to futuristic space jets, from land vehicles to ships. I also like building weapons and robots, especially Transformers! In other words I'm the jack of all trades builder on this site. I don't upload often, so I try to strive for quality above quantity.

If you want help building something, or if you want to do a collaboration on a plane then just ask! I'm more than happy to help! Just don't ask for XML modding help because I play on IOS.

I found SimplePlanes by playing Jundroo's other game, SimpleRockets. When the advertisement thingy for SimplePlanes first pooped up, I was a bit skeptical over it because I though "No, they couldn't make such a cool game..." It seemed like such a big leap from a 2d game with so limited parts, to a 3d game with all this customization and advanced physics, mind you I was still playing Minecraft so any building game for me was my jam. So I waited a year or so to see how it would develop, of course I eventually forgot about it.

It was after I saw a YouTube video on Draegast channel that I was watching a Besiege video. Coincidentally the the next video on the Autoplay was a video called "SimplePlanes Gameplay -Besiege meets KSP! - Let's Play Simple Planes Part 1", so I watched it, and I was amazed...So I asked my parents if I could buy it, and they said I could buy it, And the rest is history.

My most proud build is my B-52 bomber I made with one of the people I looked up to greatly when I was still bronze, FrankieB. The build I personally like the most and arguably the most popular of my builds is the F-15, it was also modified by the legendary Pilotmario which is pretty cool and also shown in a YouTube video by ODDDity.

---Current projects---
• MX-1500 Super Heavy Tank "Devestator" (finished, but not ready to release it)
• Cold War Mega Build (in hiatus)
• USF, GRA and Epochxian Armed forces things

If you guys want to get to know me a little more personally, you can talk with me anytime here, or find me on X-box, my Gamertag is Supercraft888 (same thing as here so it shouldn't be to hard to find)

What are you doing still reading this?