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Welcome to my profile.

If you're looking for decals, or someone to talk to I suppose?
I'm active in discord, and despite a few issues that make me want to just stop using it.

I build primarily delta wings, uh, interesting vehicles, and tanks that make no sense. Realism tends to be thrown away when it comes to me. Anyways, yeah, that's me in SP.

Joint Account: KitsunebiAviation

SimpleRockets Account: Strucker

Alt Account: Fracti

Some Friends:

My best friend: chibikitsune

A very cool car man: sm10684

Discord Server Invites:

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Previously known as Strucker, The_Final_Witching_Hour, TheFinalWitchingHour, Strucker, Spectres, Strucker, xXeno, Anarchyy, Strucker, Z0EY, Arkytekt