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  • Ship of Desert (press G for surprise) 2.6 years ago

    How do you trigger the surprise on mobile ?

  • Realistic BF-109 2.2 years ago

    Great build and I’m impressed with the realism. But there’s one problem. You can’t see out of the cockpit..

  • comically large P-51 4 months ago

    Im trying to make it faster by putting jets from a mod on it. its one of the most maneuverable planes i think you'll see

  • comically large P-51 4 months ago

    btw hey shane its been a while. u helped me with a semi truck

  • gunning AI 4 months ago

    @HTTPCREATION1O2 I believe this is what you're looking for:

  • How to make custom landing gear in under 3 minutes 4 months ago

    Hey @jamesPLANESii , this tutorial was helpful, but I can't seem to find a tutorial for more complicated landing gear, like the F/A-18's rear landing gear, it has a somewhat vertical part, then it slants backwards, and then the wheel is there, and then theres the suspension springs in the angle, to get a better idea of what I'm talking about, just look up F18 landing gear or SimpleRockets 2 procedural landing gear. I'm trying to improve the wasp and make it look like its irl counterpart, and this is the only thing stumping me. You know what I can do? I don't want to use another person's gear as a subassembly.

  • OTO R3 Pizza Delivery Armored Car 4 months ago

    @NightmareCorporation : "Hey guy should I make the ra-"
    Everyone: "YES"

  • AT-AT Walker 10 months ago

    Now all you have to do is make a snowspeeder with a rope to make the AT-AT call life alert

  • GAMF-02A Camille 10 months ago

    Anyone else getting strike witches vibes?

  • A-10 ThunderBlyat II 2.1 years ago

    fun (but offensive) fact: Cyka Blyat means effing beetches in russian

  • Ahead of its time 2.6 years ago

    I saw that you have a couple of planes from the movie, "Stealth." Including this plane. I've been wondering, do you like the movie?

  • How to make custom landing gear in under 3 minutes 4 months ago

    @jamesPLANESii ah ok, thanks ill try my best. Ill probably upload it tomorrow if I get the chance. also sorry for the late response lol

  • HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) 4 months ago

    @AlmostMobileFriendly lol hes the reason i got a bass

  • [Cinematic] Build Fly Dream 4 months ago

    Was it hard to do formation flying?
    I mean you guys are perfectly in sync if the other planes are other players

  • You're welcome Andrew. 4 months ago

    i find it funny how we can do this with literally anything

  • How to make custom landing gear in under 3 minutes 4 months ago

    @jamesPLANESii Is it a mod? because i have the mod that lets you connect things yeah, i just dont know how to connect stuff..

  • HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) 4 months ago

    @AlmostMobileFriendly Is that a Davie504 reference? (He says slap like now)

  • Wasp 4 months ago

    wasnt there a "New" wasp that looked more like the irl F/A-18?

  • wright obstacle plugin 4 months ago

    When do you plan to put it on Steam?

  • Work In Progress BMP-2 Suspension Demo 4 months ago

    @BaconAircraftits not on steam :-:

  • Grumman F-14 Tomcat by SR 4 months ago

    I know this is an old post, but why are there so few F-14 Tomcats on SP?

  • AH-64D Apache 4 months ago

    What if I told you there are about 127 different combinations with the different attachments?

  • M163A1 Vulcan(AI Ground Target) 4 months ago

    @Shootingstar07 two questions:
    1: Are the AI able to aim the gun?
    2: Can this spawn as an AI naturally on the ground?

  • My First Fuselage Art 4 months ago

    @DeltaBravoSix cause why tf not

  • Refuel 4 months ago

    Steam Please

  • Mouse Control 4 months ago

    Is there any plans to put it on the SP Steam Workshop? I kinda need this lol

  • 45 Part Bt-5 4 months ago

    the turret is a bit on the smol side but its awesome either way

  • Püto-39/47 [Mobile Friendly] 4 months ago


  • F-15 S/MTD ACTIVE ver. 4 months ago

    why..why dont the canards work..?

  • F-24 Tomcat II 4 months ago

    wait... this thing is real?!
    shame on the navy for rejecting this.

  • Sound Barrier 1.0 (no mod) 4 months ago

    can you make the part that breaks the barrier?

  • [Cinematic] Build Fly Dream 4 months ago


  • Work In Progress BMP-2 Suspension Demo 4 months ago

    test grounds sauce?

  • SMCA B-22A Ventura 10 months ago

    Get it? Because Ace...Ventura..? I’m not funny..

  • SMCA B-22A Ventura 10 months ago

    Does the A in B-22A stand for Ace? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • (30k!!!) AvA 04 Neugir 10 months ago

    @Shippy456 you see the landing gear yet?

  • My Mechanical Calculator 2 10 months ago

    Did anyone else see the lock picking screen from a certain video game?

  • F/A-87 Filibuster 1.4 years ago

    Don’t use pitch above roughly 750 mph or the pitch control surface will start to flutter like in desc

  • Grumman TBF-1C 2.0 years ago

    There’s a book about George HW Bush’s squadron called “Flyboys”(the book is called that too

  • Let's talk about legacy versions of Android @AndrewGarrison 2.1 years ago

    @aircoolbro21 i meant microsoft

  • Let's talk about legacy versions of Android @AndrewGarrison 2.1 years ago

    Hey Andrew, do you think you could make a simpleplanes platform for windows computers, and maybe even xbox?

  • Max Weapon Set 2.1 years ago

    @GREYWOLF4802 you do realize they're just for decorations right?

  • fast and furious 7 drone (help me) 2.1 years ago

    and if you want to be lazy, slap a vtol engine in there and put thrust nozzles for control surfaces

  • fast and furious 7 drone (help me) 2.1 years ago

    it needs a counter thrust so it balances out. take this for example, The F-35B
    Link: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjjhMrQysHhAhWrhOAKHbLjCVMQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Faviation.stackexchange.com%2Fquestions%2F50950%2Fwhat-is-the-difference-in-vtol-technology-between-british-aerospace-harrier-ii-a&psig=AOvVaw2nokn1Mi0XL7MDBhlX-L7i&ust=1554850195253116

  • Ar. 234 w/ Parasite Fighter 2.3 years ago

    I found a flaw. If the host plane goes in the water, the parasite's engines will cut off.

  • VTOL A-10 In COD 11 Advanced Warfare 2.4 years ago

    Could you make a mobile friendly version, please?

  • Sea Can Challenge - Sky Lift 2.5 years ago

    Could you possibly make a mobile friendly version of this?

  • AS350 Ecureuil loaded 2.5 years ago

    Could you please make a mobile friendly version?

  • Help Semi 2.5 years ago

    Thank you! These are great remakes!

  • Help Semi 2.5 years ago

    Oops, was that for another post?