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Discord: Spikerya#0087
I'm in several servers, such as for my WoTB clan, another WoTB clan, a couple of YouTubers (RussianBadger is one), as well as Takitech's own server there.

We build cars for car people.

Welcome to the UnisTech Enterprises homepage! Our company has multiple subsidiaries such as Coyus, Delanios, Natasios, and Amaynos. We recently have been working more hand-in-hand with Takswagen but we crossed paths in many years past, mostly as competitors but on some occasions as teammates. I do classify myself as a subsidiary of TakicraftCo, but I try to think of it as equal. Hope you enjoy our selection of vehicles!

Hi! I'm Spike, and this is my profile you're on (no kidding)! I'm 21, I live in CA, and I'm a recent high school graduate. I have no idea what I really want to be but I have the idea to either be a Voice Actor, a Game Designer, or a Car Designer. I started playing this my Freshman year, near the end of the year, because I really liked the idea of creating your own planes then posting them to get reviews by real people who are on because they too liked the idea of this game. None of my friends IRL play it, sadly. :(

Credit to randomusername for the idea: My personality is an ISFP-A

Age: 21
Name: YOU'LL NEVER KNOW... >:D (Let's just say Spike) (Hinted at in one of my forum posts)
Grade: College Froshie
Favorite Color(s): Silver, Green
Favorite Actor(s): Jim Carrey, Robin Williams
Favorite Memes: Anything military-related
Favorite Bands: Panic! At The Disco, Linkin Park, 21P, 3 Days Grace, Skillet, 5 Finger Death Punch... (more)
Favorite Song: Anything stuck in my head!
Favorite YouTubers: BoTime, RussianBadger, SovietWomble, SMii7Y, TheDooo, PhlyDaily, Bay Area Buggs, Operator Drewski.
Favorite Food: In-N-Out, Urbn.
Favorite Plane (Currently): EEL
Favorite Book: Infinity Son
Favorite Season: Spring/Winter
Favorite Car: BMW i8 Roadster
Favorite Book Series: Wings of Fire
Favorite quote: "If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you're no longer a racing driver." -Ayrton Senna, after crashing Alan Prost out in the first corner of the first lap of the 1990 Japanese GP

My Friends:

Lord of Lego
And everyone else who's supported me!

And if you want to contact me directly go to my contact forum post:

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