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Hiya!~ It's me, Speedhunter~ <3

Your casual Vtuber and Plane Builder~


About me

~Kitsune Pilot~

I have Obtained secret
Documents from the Sirens

I am an Aviation Enthusiast.
I Love ships.
And I race Mountain bikes casually~...
When I have the time to at least~

I should be able to start Vtubing soon~ and I'm hoping you'd at least enjoy my videos or my clips~

Also my favorite plane is a the Sea Vixen~


Heh~ heh~ foxy plen~ just like me >~<

kissy face

Mwah~ <3

if I ever become successful will there be simps too?

Nice to meet ya!~

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Here are a few important Dates To Remember (for me at least~):

Feb. 29, 2024 - 10K

Mar. 8, 2024 - Foxy Plane Day

Apr. 4, 2024 - Platinium

Art by my friends:

Art by @ShinyGemsBro

Please support him, his builds and liveries are awesome <3

link to artwork

My best In-game Photos:

VN-31 T looks menacing here ^^

Games I play

  1. Simpleplanes
  2. Azur Lane
  3. World of warships
  4. Call of duty
  5. Ace combat
  6. Genshin Impact


[Siren War]

Siren Form Speedhunter

Currently building up my fleet of Siren Ships for the upcoming war Mwahahahah~

The Fleet So Far:

Observer Alpha:


What I am planning to build:

Tester Beta

The 15K special De Havilland Viper~ a fictional stealth fighter with twin booms~

The other Ideas are aircraft within an alternate version of Teyvat with their own aerospace Industries. The Genshin Characters will have their planes

Examples are:
Inazuma Aerospace Industries
Rex Aviation Inc.
Oratrice Aerospatiale
Freedom Aerospace
And a few more

A list of my best builds:

(All images are clickable~)

Erusean Sea Vixen:

Y-43 Mk.10 "Thunderfox"

De Havilland - Grumman Foxcat:

Cloaked Fenrir:

10K Special Sea Vixen:

Upcoming builds:

ACN-33R "Knave" Fighter
RSR-041A "Rosethorn" Air Superiority Fighter

De Havilland Viper twin boom stealth fighter

Flying Battlecarrier "Durin"
Flying Fortress/Heavy Battlecarrier "Jade Chamber"


"If you ain't blacking out, you ain't turning hard enough" - Speedhunter

Additional Notes

  • you can call me Sea Vixen simp~ beautiful plane heh~