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I hav a PChe now boi! Sho you’d shee more complexsh build from me ;)

I don’t pronounce the ssss— sound, so I made it sshhh— sound. Lol, jk

I’ve reached silver since 9:48 am UTC, 23 September 2018

I’ve reached gold since 8:26 am UTC, 19 January 2019

No one will ever see it coming, ‘spectre’

About Me

Just a 13 years old kid in Thailand who like(d) a gamer that played this game, so I started to play this game and resulted in getting bored of that gamer and enjoy building planes. After my 13th birthday, I got an HP Omen as a gift. So I moved from mobile gaming to PC gaming, games that I play:

  • Fortnite (currently not very active)
  • Paladins (also not very active, but played more frequent than Fortnite)
  • Terraria (Hacked)
  • Subnautica (just started)
  • Minecraft (just started)


Just crawl all the way to gold, then to platinum

Facts that really annoys me

I put lots of hours in my work and sometimes have 10 downloads and 0 upvote

Then a piece of crap that take me 10 mins to make got more upvote than my best build

Random stuffs

  • I love memes ;)
  • I don’t really know aviation and planes history, but I do make fictional stuffs
  • There are 3 seasons in Thailand: Hot, Hotter and Hottest
  • My favorite picture

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