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Hello there! I'm TheSpartanAmongUs, previously known as TheSpartan, TankerWithATankard, TheMachinist, and Jim1the1Squid. I'm a proud protogen furry and a United States Marine, and I love drawing digital art of furries, creating tanks, howitzers, ships, and the like.

I don't post often anymore, due to life picking up speed, but feel free to check out what I got lol

M115 155mm (Artillery)
M18 Valhalla SPH (Artillery) Designated for remake
M165A7 165mm (Artillery)
K104 Hrungnir (Rocket Artillery)
K104A1 Hrungnir (Wheeled Rocket Artillery)

Artillery tutorial

Awaiting release:
M51 Hauld LMBT (Tank)

Build Status: Reworking T-34-76 gunsight