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  • I Am No Longer A Moderator 2 months ago

    Whoever reported that is most likely too sensitive to be in the gaming community. Excuse my language.
    ED was joking, not making a threat. Dark humor exists too and there can be a way darker form of comedy. I can understand jokes like that because my comedy level has been to hell and back.
    I’m sorry that you lost your mod, you don’t deserve to have it removed for what you’ve done for us all.

  • Simpleplanes Users 6 months ago

    The users that post 17,000 teasers but never post the build:


    I think they’re tired of seeing that

  • SimplePlanes VR discussion 2 months ago

    I honestly agree with these suggestions, but I wanted to suggest one thing that I decided to retract because I think it wouldn’t benefit optimization or the playerbase.
    I wanted to suggest a new sort of island meant to be more vehicle friendly, kind of like krakabloa but less rock climber-esque
    More of a friendly island for, oh let’s say an eighteen-wheeler or a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Having actual roads, calm hills, less of a insane track like skypark and more friendly to chill, long drives from airport to beach.
    You can see why I retracted my statement, that seems like a challenge to even the mobile player-
    the Android mod requesters... femurbreaker.mp4
    I’m a mobile main, I do use PC sometimes but it doesn’t run very well, so my guess if they even attempted to try and create it, most definitely wouldn’t be mobile friendly. Plus there are some great modded maps that are pretty similar, but not to the desired extent you’d want, which is where I placed my statement.
    I’m in contact with a few modders, some still new, most of them are either making mods that can melt an old graphics card or are really pitiful. So the chances of them making a mod map worth it is little to none. They don’t even take requests anymore

  • Jundroo pls 4 months ago

    SP missiles are absolutely stupid
    Because as soon as it looses fuel is goes absolutely braindead and spins out, when it reality, as long as the missile has speed and energy, it will continue to glide to the target.
    When targeting, if the missile misses the target, it turns back around if it has the fuel no matter the angle.

  • Can we have a simpleplanes lore? one month ago


  • Is mikoyanster ok? 9 months ago

    Irl issues most likely

  • Update v1.11 - Inside Job 11 days ago


  • Remake of Krakoboa? 20 days ago

    I’m tired of making my stuff literal rock crawlers just to drive across an island

  • calling bs on that one chief one month ago

    Acts kinda like the AIM-54A alright. Some issues with tracking after long distances

  • I FOUND IT! HOW TO CARPET BOMB IN SP!!! 3 months ago

    ... why is everyone recommending stuff we’ve known for ages lmao
    It’s ok, y’all are still learning

  • F-5E Tiger II [READ DESC] 10 days ago

    Ruined the plane over.
    The cockpit is the most amazing ones but very low functionality with certain buttons (I read the description)
    The flight model is pretty wack, the trim and VTOL tabs are useless and the AG’s are wrong. I expected the lights to kick on when pressing AG7 but it jettisoned something which made the nose gear do the stanky leg.
    Oh and the fuel load is wrong

  • Simpleplanes Users 6 months ago

    @Tookan I never said I was Targeting. Or mentioned X4JB. But I guess he works too.

  • Raising the BAR (Teaser #2) 7 months ago

    Story time.
    So, 3 Germans walk into a Bar.
    That’s it.

  • Why Does Rafale Even Exist? 4 months ago

    Not everything needs to be stealth.

  • SimplePlanes MultiPlayer Servers 5 months ago

    @Chaka I’m having issues.
    No joy on entry, failure to connect. Same with

    I’m in US east, and I can only connect to the german server

  • Teaser - Heavy Arctic Rover 1.3 years ago

    discord noises intensify

  • SPVR - Fuselage Slice 2 months ago

    L E T S F # $ @ ) + I N G G O O O O O O O O

  • Ground vehicle damage model 2 months ago

    This is the best detailed description I’ve seen in a while for anything this complex and gold.
    The editing is really well done as well. Very nice and relaxing to watch.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte 4 months ago

    “Women’s Rights? Throw them in the trash-“
    don’t hurt me it’s just a quote

  • Bug from years ago still exists. Solutions? (I have updated the game) 7 months ago

    I would unfortunately have to say you may need to reinstall the game. It seems like a download issue. I’ve never stumbled across this bug before but that’s all I can suggest. I hope it’s fixed soon for you.
    Edit: nevermind I just saw that you said you did. Hopefully they’ll fix it.

  • One of the 24/7 servers will end in February 28th 7 months ago

    Hasn’t went down.
    It’s still up, explain please

  • Tank Burning Flame Effects 9 months ago

    This is called “cook off” which is when the ammo storage and fuel compartment ignite and basically make the inside a volcano. This flame effect is the fire shooting out of the hatches, usually blowing them off when they’re shut due to very high pressure. This indicates that it’s probably going to explode, and is a very graphic end for the crew (no chance of survival)
    This all happens in less than a minute
    The explosion is from the ammo storage being heated up to the point where the munitions detonate, usually around 5 to 15 seconds after cook off begins

  • M1A2 abrams 11 months ago

    That is not an Abrams Turret... that’s a Patton turret...

  • Slightly more accurate emulation of wasp-like flight behavior during hover 8 days ago

    I want this to die immediately. (Not your creation or video)
    Wasps and hornets are the scum of the flying bugs.
    They attack poor bees without reason or provocation and ruin people’s days/lives
    Bees are amazing. You can literally tame a bee if you know what you’re doing

  • Multiplayer Mod Patch 0.13 - No Longer Just a Chat Room in SP v1.11 11 days ago

    Troll shield is incompatible, well crap.

  • Petition: Shocks one month ago

    @rexzion how about instead of just being personally nuclear-blasted after 1 single part explodes, you just actually take damage normally?

  • XF-84H “Thunderscreech” (Semi-Realistic Sound!) one month ago

    Good to see someone other than me likes making things sound better!

  • SPVR Update - Labels one month ago

    @Aviation02 make custom gear bruh
    It’d be useless to add another stock gear

  • Now that we are getting gauges and sliced what would be the best NEXT big update you would like? 2 months ago

    Tank tracks
    a new more vehicle friendly island (I mean with actual roads, not like a stunt track...)
    Optimization is n e e d e d

  • Lockheed P-38 Lightning 2 months ago

    Wheels that can cut steel
    This build could be much better... it seems very rushed, and is very blocky in places.

  • The magnificent A-10 before its nose-job! 10 months ago

    Looks like a hamster sniffing food
    But that mix of paint is honestly beautiful af

  • Jundroo team plz add rain (stormy, overcast, and broken clouds and light-heavy fog) and thunder/lightning one year ago

    I would love this idea! Rain and Storms would be awesome. If not, just add waves! If other games can do that, then SP can. The thing they need to do first is optimise the game. It’s really badly needed rn

  • DD-1100 2A - Zerstorer (Deutschland) : Stealth Challenge one year ago

    I would spotlight this, but I don’t have enough points. Great build though!

  • The MP Legacy is over. one year ago

    @BagelPlane It’s been fun. Unless someone creates a working Anti-troll, that prevents everything, then it might be my last flight.

  • IJN Zui'yo 1.3 years ago

    This loss is almost as big as Rick May, but to the Simp(le) Planes community.

  • Junkers ju-87 Stuka 1.6 years ago

    This is cancer in a nutshell

  • Le Airports in SP yesterday

    I want krakabloa to have a revamp.
    I need Atleast a small town in a wooded area (woods, forest, wtv u call it), the off-road routes from ban to Yeager to not be so extreme, maybe 1 paved road from bandit to Yeager that fits the terrain.
    Anyone else agree? the vanilla Vehicle based ingame landscapes have been abused for a LONG time and abandoned in a ditch.

  • Darn it Andrew 23 days ago

    Welcome back

  • What is the most active American multiplayer server? 3 months ago was removed because the servers were shut down
    . is the main as of right now
    . is offline because SOMEONE basically abandoned it, while it was offline.
    . one is basically dead


  • Mike Wazowski face swap 5 months ago

    @WarHistory11 no? Make it yourself, it’ll give you experience

  • Pro.1155 Destroyer 7 months ago

    Jesus! This is absolutely amazing! But the part count is... the downfall on it.

  • Another common mistake done by SP builders 8 months ago

    I hate to spoil y’all but @XxVirginMary42069 is Belugasub’s alt account... we talked on discord about it.
    Throw it at him, just a messenger.

  • Waves would be nice. one year ago

    @KnightOfRen I don’t like your spam. Please, It’s not funny. Just annoying.

  • Russian submarine WORKING DIVE 1.2 years ago

    The submarine decides to fly and never stop going up slowly. It’s a great sub, but it acts odd...



  • Minecraft Parrot 11 days ago

    The parrot can’t dance. 0/10 waste of my time

  • Guys, Stop Making "Going Away" Forum Posts. 18 days ago

    It’s rude to do that at this point.
    It’s like announcing in someone’s chat when they’re streaming like “Hey, you don’t know me at all so I’m gonna announce I’m leaving for no reason.”
    ”Ok cool, and?”

  • v1.11 "Red Skies" [UPDATE] 22 days ago

    stolen title
    finna get sued by Gaijin

  • Idk, LOGIC or smth one month ago

    I agree when it comes to the look of the deck.
    Should be a dark grey, almost no reflections at all.

    Also: why tf haven’t they made PC water on mobile? They know people can run it.