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Work In Progress and Future Posts

note: If you want to see any of the posts above come out first, just message me.

Company:Doge Corp
(future uploaded instrument builds will be designated in the the title as Doge Corp. any non instrument builds will not have this designation)
Bio:Hi I’m spacedoge. The bioengineered post Soviet Union Dog.

I make instruments
And post them
That’s important too


All My Posted Instruments

PUSH TO 10K Bach TR300H2 Trumpet Instrument Doge Corp

Bach Stradavarius (18037) !TRUMPET!

SimplePlane’s First Ever ! Pocket Trumpet !

Doge Corp Violin Instrument

Tubular Bells

Fender Stratocoaster

French Horn Instrument

Recorder Instrument FREE TO STEAL Doge Corp

Good old Bugle

SimplePlane’s First Ever ! Serpent instrument

Trombone instrument

SimplePlane’s First Ever ! Flugelhorn Instrument

SimplePlane’s First Ever ! Bass Trumpet Instrument
SimplePlanes First Ever British Duty Bugle Instrument
SimplePlanes First Ever Rotory Valved Cornet Instrument
SimplePlanes First Ever-Sousaphone Instrument

The Most Detailed Piano on SimplePlanes (Push to Gold)
CLARINET Instrument (Static Model) Doge Corp

My Crown Jewel

Thank You For Gold!!!

Based off


Just a cool list

Me When You Guys Give Me Support