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  • Amazin Power Planev5 1.6 years ago

    I sucked at building back then.

  • Question one month ago

    So, do I?

  • #ThisWasGoingToFly 1.6 years ago


  • [SLRP] The Surrender of Warburg 1.6 years ago

    I suppose this is the last message.
    Everything they did, was biased, they decided to do something unnecessary, lied and said they didn’t do it, introducing unreasonable actions. You know I’m quitting anyway, I’ll probably make a new account, you won’t be seeing the name “Strucker” for the rest of your time on sp.

  • Car 1.8 years ago

    Ikr @Strucker

  • #ThisWasNeverGoingToFly 3.0 years ago

    @AnOlympicWalnut k

  • #ThisWasNeverGoingToFly 3.2 years ago

    @AnOlympicWalnut I was experimenting, want better things? Go to my main account, there is where the good things are at Walnut.