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"When people attack you without provocation, it's because they feel threatened by you."

Important Notice

Do not ask to connect with me on another social media service. Also, if someone contacts you on another social media site/app claiming to be me, they're lying.

"You think your name is gonna be on that plaque?"

"Yes, sir."

"That's pretty arrogant, considering the company you're in."

"Yes, sir."

"I like that in a pilot."

(Note for those who read too much into things: this does not mean that I base my philosophy of life on Top Gun. It's a way to neutralize those who throw around accusations of arrogance when they don't even know what the word means.)


Who are you?

I'm the high priest of the Cult of the Sled, otherwise known as the Blackbird Appreciation, Deliberation, Admiration, and Salutation Society. To be a member, you must take the following oath:

  • The Blackbird is the greatest airplane ever made.
  • I will appreciate and admire achievement, instead of being threatened by and resentful of it.
  • I will strive for all that is good: build quality, performance, power, speed, accuracy, and fine handling.
  • If an airplane doesn't fly well, nothing else about it matters.
  • In SimplePlanes as in life, I will go full throttle, or go home.

How do you create your builds?

I use software (that I wrote) to generate most of my builds.

Why don't you use landing gear?

I do, when I feel like it. Click here for an explanation of why I usually don't.

Why are your builds so large?

To match my ego. Also, click here.

How big is your ego?

Big enough to crush the average man. Just the right size for me, however : )

Why was my comment deleted?

Because it came across as being rude or intended to provoke controversy, or was not meaningful or relevant.

Why was I blocked?

I block people for being rude, stupid, or annoying in some other way, not because they disagreed with me or criticized my builds. If I perceive that you are acting in bad faith, that's an instant block as well.

Blocks are permanent.