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  • Dunes2.2 (Maywar Car Show) 4 months ago

    @EchoWhiskey11 thanks man, and yeah I see where you guys are comin from on the class

  • Elemento Salto 6 months ago

    If there’s any other vehicles that could use a touch like this, send them my way. I enjoyed building this one.

  • space rider 2.7 years ago

    You got the screen shot to work?

  • Hoonigan Cossie 3 months ago

    Seconds after uploading this I noticed part of the wing missing, my bad guys.

  • [ Pisolino ] 5 months ago

    @Juanfly154 I just looked it up and that’s crazy man

  • Gnat 2.7 years ago

    It goes a good 3000 mph, yep. And thats no lie.

  • sling shot (super) 2.7 years ago

    Not to bash on your creation, my guy, but try a different paint job next time

  • IAR -330 Puma 5.3 years ago

    How??? I can never seem to make a helicopter of any sort😣

  • the hover tank 5.3 years ago

    You little hacker you

  • the hover tank 5.3 years ago

    Seemes like a good concept