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gold: 2021 January21 7:44pm

silver 2020 February

hi im skyler, you can call me sky!

I make cars and buggies##

I’m proud member of

Some of my friends (alot)

Nikitian) he is a great friend and we have a lot in common (he
lives in russia

Spaceone) he makes my parts for my cars and engines, i hope one day he can starting posting again.

KingOog000) i like here dog- i also got her to silver and we really bonded.

Stevemc01) i also got him to silver!

ArkroyaltheDDhunter) hi

Cnorth12) he makes tractors

Cancanthebucketcan) we are doing colab soon

Embo) i guess

Applejuiceyt2) hes a friend

Cedc) awesome

Oreo2005) we teamed up and got a kid banned so yeah! Also i like oreos..

Waterwatertheliquid) friends

Tucan) really good for his rank

Araknid) cool

Cartooncat) always awesome

Yesmyfriend) also always awesome

Dickbrazen) he makes towns witch is cool

Kangy) lol

Shanethepain1) he makes my suspension but one day he wont be here and thats when i start making airplanes,..

Jccntechnologies) i was on a video and he helped me get 4k)

Wsindrustires) we met yesterday

Papakernels) hes (interesting)

Ultralight) hes not heavy hes ultra light

Chickenderp) yeahhhh

Owo) oh no

50calchicken) freinds forever

Fasterthanlight) we both play game called snowrunner

Nexusgaming) sorry i called you name it was accidental

Remote) he turns my tv on and off

Bagelplane) yum

Warhawk95) weapons

Brendorkus) lolllll

Tristar) wiimini gone ;(

Tsampoy) really cool and funny and hope he get platinum

Knightofren) he better not be perm banned

Wiimini) ;(

Sm10684) cool bike i guess

Astroidbook345) yeah i guess

Hedro) diloph brother

Loafofbread) he made me silver and gold- also heddro brother

Acepilot109) no word

Enternaldarkness) altho he dose strike me)

Captainrex123) his grandma died :(

Previously known as Skyler717, Skyler101, Skylerthedrawer, xboxseriesx, Simps, Nintendo, SkyIer, FartyBob, iNeedANewName, Skylerr, BreadCarbs