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About Me

Hi, my name is ANDREW or otherwise known as SKYFLY round here. I'm 16 and from Glasgow, Scotland... shout out to all the Scots on the website!
I love maths and physics and am an aspiring astronaut (shoot for the stars, but mars is better!). I play rugby and I also do rock climbing, as well as hit the gym (a bit of a gym lad ngl).

I have a few favourite movies and they are, in order...

First would have to be
- Top Gun (and I cannot express in words how excited I am for Top Gun: Maverick


In second place it's got to be the one and only
- Interstellar


And last but not least, it's a golden oldy...
- 2001 a space odyssey


My Goal

  • To reach 100K points!

    • But let's be a little bit more realistic at the moment, I would love to get to gold, which means... I have to build more:)

What I Do

  • I love making planes and helicopters.

    • They're not always realistic and some even don't work, but that's all part of the fun.

    • I try to do challenges and also go, help people when their creation needs to be fixed so just tag me and I'll be there.

What Am I Working On?

  • Currently working on an Embraer 195


  • The 1 rule I have here is...

I Hope You Enjoy!