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Hello little gay people in my computer

I build flying thingi
Pee is stored in the balls
known as Skam on the MP server
Previously known as Any77
Discord: Sasug#4988
Useful thingis:
Funky Trees by WNP78
Funky Trees by SnoWFLakEO
Description Guide by Skua
ReShade trutotial By 232287168147825

Low quality marketable ratatouille plushie my beloved

My building proces

1 - Idea for a craft
2 - Build a quick build of the concept
3 - Supress the existencial dread of living in poland
4 - Work on the craft until out of Ideas
5 - Take Screenshots of the craft
6 - Upload the craft as Unlisted and work on the description
7 - Wait for friday 21:00 UTC
8 - Upload

Some GILFs

Bouncy castle

The plane isn't slowing down fast enough just strap rockets on to it

Ornithopter i'm working on

Some Screenshots

Previously known as Any77