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Hello! I am SimpleTechAndResearch, I make planes and sometimes other things!

Main Information

Plane Information

I primarily create planes and other flying things in my free time, but mostly planes. I have made a few spaceships though. You will probably see no VTOLS coming from this profile, I am horrible at making them. There is no set schedule.

About Me

I've been here for quite a long time, I used to play on iOS but I got the PC Version. If you can, get it. It's great.

Roleplay Information

I occasionally do join RPs, but not commonly. If possible, I will join under my roleplay nation "Grand Republic of Sals"

Grand Republic of Sals

ECONOMY: Pretty powerful, nothing extreme though.
POPULATION: Depends on the RP
FREEDOMS: Citizens are not oppressed in any way, shape, or form. But the law is enforced quite well.
MILITARY POWER: Depends on the RP

Alright, that should wrap it up. Thanks for reading through everything, or if you just scrolled all the way to the bottom that's fine too.