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Well, to be clear enough, this channel is associated with the game called "SimplePlanes"
I'm sure some aviator geeks know this game a lot, it's about making plane from some parts. But, this game has some potential for those who have HUGE knowledge on airplanes.

For those who are new to my channel, you may not have seen the videos yet, but for the one time I'll upload some content. The example of this is best airplanes for simple planes mobile and reviews about the updates, i'll also try making some knowledge about parts of the game, but it will come later!
For now, be sure to always check this channel for updates, until I publish some videos.

Thanks for coping with me in this Description page. I hope you like my explanation and love to support me in my videos, if you want, I will post a Discord server for YOU to give your opinion about video ideas and more thanks!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqw69SIXY_jpK-Pb-jzXnJQ

Previously known as LeonSimplePlanes