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SimplePlanes: inactive

Something about me:
-I live in Bavaria (Germany)
-I am 18 years old
-I like old planes, for example from the ww2 era
-My favorite planes are the North American B-25J Mitchell and
the well known BF-109
-I build my planes on Computer (Windows 10)
-Simple Planes is one of my favorite games
-IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover, War Thunder, Minecraft,
BeamNG.drive, GTA IV, Mafia II and GTA San Andreas are my favorite games
-I am working now and I spend my free time making a server for GTA SA:MP so there is no time left for simple planes

My favourite planes

By the way, you can click on the pictures. ;)

Something about SG Aviation:
-We build cars, boats and tanks. But what we build most is airplanes. There are some different types, for example the bombers (SG B-20), the fighters (SG F-86 Stuka), the cargoplanes (SG C-105), the planes for civil people or freetime (SG S-1), the others or multi-use-planes (SG O-15) and then we build some other stuff like the (Magic Plane).

Current Projekts:

SG (I have no name for it)


SG 5/13
Not ready, is just getting built.

SG F-163 Blobfisch
Not ready, is just getting built

SG B-60 Steel Kite
Not ready, landing gear and detailled cockpit

SG B-82
Not ready, only the detailled cockpit is missing

SG F-101
Not ready, only the cockpit is missing

SG F-11
Not ready, some small fixs and the detailled cockpit is missing

SG F-35
Ready, just to lazy to upload it

SG F-86
Not Ready, landing gear and other fixes

SG O-15
Not ready, detailled cockpit is missing

SG S-35
Ready, im just to lazy to upload it

SG S-65
Not ready, is just getting built

Friends on Simple Planes:
-My little brother :)

Helpful things:
How to slap the Kraken (maybe)
XML Inputs
Another XML
How to put pictures in the description
Funky Trees

Did you read my whole bio? Tell me how it is! ;)
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Have a nice day! 😎