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  • Boeing E-767 AWACS 2 months ago

    I made a cargo variant

  • Airbus A350-900 XWB one month ago

    Very nice

  • Boeing 767-200F 2 months ago

    Thanks @Chillybaconface

  • Split Kit For 738WL 2 months ago

    Plane keeps banking to the right, making it really difficult to control

  • Boeing 737-800 flydubai 4 months ago

    Make a ryanair livery pls

  • Boeing737-800WL 10 months ago

    @XPlane10ProFlier yes i found the problem a few weeks ago, thanks:)

  • Boeing737-800WL 10 months ago

    Hey the plane is amazing but i have a problem with it, whenever i land, no matter how smooth the gear always explodes, whenever i spawn on ground it always explodes, its like the gear cant handle the weight of the aircraft but everything else is great.