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I make a range of aircraft from World War 2 up to the modern era.
I took a 6 year long hiatus starting in 2016, I was only 11 then, now I'm 18 and trying my best to create quality aircraft!

Contact me on discord if you need anything: shugiethetree

My first ever account was created in 2015, Ive been playing since 2014!

Reached Bronze: Sometime in 2016
Vanished for 6 years
Returned August 2022
Reached Silver: 06/10/22

To do list:

YAK-141 Freestyle

Aircraft list:

MiG-21UM-F StrikeLash


MiG-25 Foxbat

Do-335 B-2

F-5E Tiger II Remastered

Previously known as Aircraft4U