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Hello mah Friend

Im ShocK :D

U see im SUCK at building, but im great at
Redesign, Refit, and Add stuffs

It will be a rare occasion if i build my own thing, it means one thing, something hitted in my head.

Status: ALIVE

The thing is i have work! Im a real life Architect
im just playing this game to lose some time

If u want something feel free to DM me at my disc!

Discord: ShocK*#2230

Milestone -

Bronze: i dunno when

Silver: April 1, 2022

Gold: Soon

And so on.....

-Im great at sketching and drawing stuffs!
(And im proud of it)
-Also im good at Planning it, Cuz everything must go on that plan

-Playing SP and other Sandbox Games
-Listening to Music
(mostly 1900s and 2000s music)
-Watching Anime and Translating Mangas!
Cuz u see, im single I HAVE TIME!!!! - (huge perk of being single)
-Watching Ww1 and Ww2 movies
(fav - Hacksaw Ridge and Midway)

About Me:
Im a 23 yo idiot who lives in Philippines, i love playing SP and Im very happy when i see that someone upvoted my Work!, but im happy too that they letting me do it for free, Im a type of guy whos keeps the thing nc and clean, u see my Works* is pretty clean and cool and If u want to talk to me feel free! My disc is up there, im good with everything and ill be very happy if someone wants to collab with me, thats all Thank You!