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*Radiodont Dynamics is not ready.


Page 34 , more or less.

May 21st, 2022 , 20 hours from entry - Reached Bronze
May 29th, 2022 - Reached Silver
June 2022 - Reached Gold
- August 7, 2022 - 10,000 points

Discord: Adelinde#9051 (weird right?)

You can chat me in private for un-anounced build requests.

On the process of recovering from two-year disaster.


I dedicate some of my interest on interwar aircraft, or building interwar aircraft.
Accounts for over 100 aircraft drew since 2019 (lol)
Can finish plain unpainted planes in variable duration (shortest is 2 hours).


Fight for democracy and nostalgia with the American fighter collection! (periodical)
Compilation of Simplified Generic Aircraft of Everyone Else

Project Notebooks (lol)

Tutorials (extended)

Tutorials by other someone.
Landing Gear operation

Special-use Aircraft Noticeboard

No. Not for boasting anyone else. List of curated builds built and improved my myself.

People that I like/admire the most

@BeastHunter, @Aviator01, @xNotDumb a.k.a. loyal trios.
@Farewellchi - same as below
@Spark1645 - I like his replicas (and then making it VR-capable mwahahaha)
@Th3rmoplylae - for noting me on a VR-capable aircraft
@JustDragon - "didn't know a cambrian radiodont could make biplanes but ok"
anyone on my sight

Names used

  • 20190244
  • AnOmalOcaris - (past, may use once again sooer or later)
  • ShikanoinHeizou - (present, double references, since 7-21)
  • OpAbInIa - same reason as AnOmalOcaris
  • RadiodontDynamics - no not yet.
  • ScarletRosarie - Yanfei-Rosaria (Genshin) reference. May scrap due to you know what.


So pow (x , y) is likely the same manner as x². If you input pow (3, 2), in rral-life math it could be 3², or 9.
If the cockpit is furbished enough to put VR controls, don't forget the canopy and the yaw, they're still essential on the way.


Ugolok neba

Previously known as 20190244, AnOmalOcaris