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I'm still here for you as a Mod, but there is sadly not enough time for creating builds anymore.

About me:

  • I live in germany

  • I'm 33 years old

  • My hobbies are: Drawing, Pixel Art, 3D Design, Archery & Youtube.

  • I've studied game and multimedia development and dog psychology.

  • I have my own Youtube Channel

Mod Chat

This player has not entered a hole in their left wing.

Latent was too busy to enter something funny into Seeras' bio so I did it for him

Let's see how long it takes Mediocre to notice that Latent entered something debatably funny.

*Insert original and funny comment here*

I don't think he's noticed yet, Latent.
- Squirrel

Is this turning into mod chat 2.0 now?
- Tully

Updating to Version 2.1 Loading…
[_¯_¯__¯] 90%
- Seeras

- Mod

Yes this is mod chat 2.0 now.

Pickles are great.
- Mod²

- Seeras

RIP Mod chat 2.0
- Tully

- Seeras