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Greetings fellow modern humans

Cant believe I'm at gold

Since I've created the SPR map and all those rail related stuff, I think Ive gotten better at building stuff and Idk how or why.

I also build stuff very slowly and so sometimes I grow bored then go through stages of guilt/grief where acceptance is just me saving it and forgetting about it

I get kinda salty (even towards my own creations) when a low effort meme build get so much attention while high effort builds that the creators are very proud of get little attention (High effort meme builds are very accepted tho).

"merry NeWyeAr?"

Discord name: scratch#9117


sometimes helps cover for dad at our (I think retailing) business (called "Sari-sari" store) and it's business permit/name literally has my name on it

Usually, just saves WIP builds and forget about them

Bends physics using jets and FT

is speek Engrish veri goood

CD = Convoy destroyer. Can easily destroy the Krakbloan convoy

SPR = SimplePlanes Railway

As a Filipino, I am honoured to say


Previously known as scratch